What is Causing My PCOS Symptoms?

I get this question a lot. What are the underlying causes of PCOS symptoms? Knowing the causes of these symptoms helps you to treat symptoms with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Let’s take a peek at what is behind your PCOS symptoms and what you can do about it!

PCOS Symptom #1: Irregular Periods

Irregular periods associated with PCOS are generally caused by the high male hormones known as androgens present with PCOS. These can actually stop ovulation, which means you don’t get a period.

PCOS Symptom #2: Low Energy

While low energy is a pretty common symptom, in the case of PCOS, it’s often caused by insulin resistance, or your cells’ inability to absorb sugars easily. When sugars don’t get to the cells, you don’t have the fuel you need to burn to stay active, and you crave simple carbs, because that’s the easiest way to get them. If you end up eating sugar and other simple carbs to compensate for this, you start a roller coaster of sugar highs and sugar crashes.

PCOS Symptom #3: Hair loss

Both hair loss on your head and hair growth elsewhere (like on your face aka hirsutism) are caused by the same high male hormones that make you lose your period.

PCOS Symptom #4: Weight Gain

Have you noticed that you consistently gain weight without changing your diet? That’s because both the insulin resistance and the hormone imbalances associated with PCOS are working against you!

PCOS Symptom #5: Bloating & Constipation

Did you know people with PCOS tend to have different gut microbes than people without PCOS? This along with a diet low in fiber and high in simple carbs can cause some uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms.

PCOS Symptom #6: Poor skin & Painful Periods

Both of these symptoms are associated with hormonal imbalance and inflammation. PCOS tends to increase inflammation in the body, which not only causes pain and breakouts, it can increase your risk of other diseases.

How to Treat Your PCOS Symptoms Naturally

Now you know some of the causes of the top symptoms of PCOS. What can you do instead? You can relieve all of these symptoms through the 6 simple steps in my Plant Powered PCOS Group Program or by working with me one-on-one to tackle these symptoms. To learn more and make a plan:

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