Heal Your PCOS Symptoms Naturally

In this 6 week program, we cover how to regulate your period, boost energy & sustainably lose weight, so you can feel better and stop worrying about what you eat

Have you tried everything to manage your PCOS?

Even though you’ve tried everything from keto to intermittent fasting, you’re still having trouble with PCOS symptoms like:

  • Irregular Period
  • Infertility
  • Unexplained Weight Gain
  • Unwanted Hair Growth
  • Low Energy
  • Cravings
  • Painful Periods
  • Mood Swings
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Thinning Hair

You have no idea how to set up your life, your pantry or your meals to tackle these symptoms.

You panic when you want to dine out or travel because you feel like you’ll be sacrificing progress or causing a symptom flair-up.

Your doctor told you to go on the pill and metformin, but that isn’t enough to help you heal your symptoms and balance your hormones from the inside out.

Welcome to Plant Powered PCOS

Do you want regular periods (and improved fertility), clearer skin, better hair, more energy and to find a healthy weight for your body without dieting? I’ve developed a simple and delicious 6 step plant-forward plan to help you meet these goals.

This program was designed to help you have all day energy, balance hormones naturally, heal your symptoms and feel confident about the food you eat.

This supportive 6-week group program will include 6 live group sessions over video chat (Wednesdays at 4:30 PM PST) on these topics:

Video chats will be recorded for your convenience

⇩ All day energy – avoiding cravings and sugar crashes & boosting fitness

Learn to avoid that afternoon slump and have energy all day by eating carbs the smart way

Simple tips & tricks for lowering blood sugar

Key ways to lower your A1c for long-term health and to help lower risk of diabetes

**New Addition: Expert tips from a personal trainer on strength training for fitness**

⇩ Balancing hormones naturally to get your period back on track

How to balance hormones with food and supplements for a regular period and to treat symptoms of high male hormones

Learn to use phytoestrogens to literally balance hormones and lower testosterone

Easy ways to lower exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

What supplements you need to balance hormones

⇩ How to fight brain fog, pain and inflammation

Find out how to add anti-inflammatory foods to improve your PCOS symptoms

Learn to tackle PMS with specific foods and nutrients

Improve sleep with better habits and supplements

⇩ How to boost gut health and metabolism

Get your gut healthy & boost metabolism for gentle, sustainable weight loss

Find out what probiotic foods can help you improve gut health

Get help adding fiber into your diet for regularity, gut health and fitness

Learn simple, sustainable tips for weight loss that lasts

⇩ How to travel, eat out and get takeout without losing progress

Tips and techniques for dining out, ordering takeout and traveling while managing PCOS

Find out what to order at your favorite takeout spots

Learn how to avoid panic when dining out with friends and family

Plan out your next trip, so you don’t have to lose progress

⇩ How to eat intuitively and mindfully for a sustainable and enjoyable relationship with food

Learn to listen to your body, so you never have to diet again

Get help learning to listen to hunger andf ullness cues

Learn to eat mindfully for more enjoyment, satisfaction and satiety

Learn how to ditch diet culture and build a better relationship with food and your body

Plus You Get all the Support You Need for Success:

🌟 Weekly Inspiration & Challenges Sent to Your Inbox:

Get all the tools and info you need to balance hormones, tackle symptoms and find a healthy weight for your body delivered to you weekly

💌 Last Minute Messaging & Q&A:

Get answers to your questions or any advice you need within 24 hrs M-Th

🥑 Food & Fullness Journaling with Expert Feedback:

Track meals, hunger and fullness cues and get useful, actionable feedback

💬 Exclusive Group Chat:

Touch base, get advice and tips from other cysters with the help of a registered dietitian and hormone health expert

Cost: $330 (or 3 payments of $110)

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Client Testimonials

“The webinar you led (on carbs and PCOS) was amazing and there were a ton of great takeaways.” 

— Group Program Client

“Jeani is absolutely amazing! I specifically wanted to work with her because of her knowledge of PCOS. It was the perfect investment for myself and my health.

Have already seen drastic changes in just the few 6 weeks we worked together. Jeani helped make subtle changes that have made all the difference.

Her knowledge base is very extensive and provided so many resources for everything I asked for. Very tailored to my specific needs which I loved. HIGHLY recommend!”

— A.N., PCOS Client

“Jeani was patient, kind, and catered our sessions to my specific questions and needs. She really helped demystify the basics of managing my PCOS, and drill down into as much detail as I wanted — which is so helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there!

No fad-dieting or body-shaming whatsoever. She is an EXCELLENT resource, and I can’t recommend her highly enough if you want to learn more about how to manage your PCOS and/or live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle to support your health or fertility journey.”

-A.D. PCOS Client


Who is Plant Powered PCOS For? 

You have PCOS. You want a way to treat your symptoms that isn’t just go on the pill and metformin. You want to get your period on track, find a healthy weight for your body and never diet again. 

How long is the program? 

It’s 6 weeks long, so you’ll be all set for the holidays at the end of this next session. 

When do we meet?

We’ll meet every week on Wednesday evening, talk about an essential aspect of PCOS treatment and answer any questions. You’ll also get guidance, inspiration and a challenge  to complete every week to keep you on track. 

How do I access the program? 

I use a platform called Practice Better (PB) that allows us to connect easily. You can find all the info and challenges in your portal on PB, chat with other folks in the program and ask me questions and get answers within 24 hrs. Plus you can use it to log meals, hunger and fullness and get useful feedback. 

Do I need to be vegetarian? 

Nope, while I use a plant-forward approach, you don’t need to be vegetarian or vegan to be successful in this program. You just need to be open to using plant food strategically to improve your PCOS symptoms. That said, if you are vegetarian or vegan, come on in! 

How is this program different from other PCOS treatment programs? 

I have developed a strategic plant-forward approach that works – my clients get their periods back, feel more energetic, see improvements in hair and skin and find healthy weights for their bodies without dieting. It’s not a diet, it’s not restrictive. It’s a lush and delicious way of life. 

Eat Delicious Food & Thrive with PCOS

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