Top Hormone Health Mistakes I See

After working in hormone health for a few years, I’ve started to see a pattern emerge. Folks who think they’re doing everything right are often missing some key steps to hormone health. Here are the top mistakes I see: 

#1 Not Getting Enough Protein – protein is important for hormone health, blood sugar management and muscle growth. Yet, folks are often eating meals with little to no protein thinking they’re healthy, because they have veggies.

2. Not eating whole grains – whole grains have B vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that are key to healing hormones. A lot of people skip them thinking a low or no carb diet is the answer, but then they get cravings and end up eating sugary treats late at night! 

3. Restricting too much – A lot of folks think they’re doing great by eating a restrictive diet or eliminating several items, but often they’re not eating enough or they’re not getting enough nutrients to support hormone health. 

4. Not getting enough healthy fats – Fats still have a bad reputation for being calorie-dense and causing weight gain, but actually folks who eat the most unsaturated fats, tend to be leaner and have better hormone health. 

5. Cutting out foods due to unsubstantiated sensitivities – A lot of times my clients have seen other practitioners who “diagnosed” them with food sensitivities and intolerances that are not evidence-based. Gluten and dairy are common ones, but I’ve seen all kinds. If you don’t get any symptoms when you eat something, you aren’t allergic to it. This often causes folks to cut out perfectly healthy foods that support hormone health. 

Are you doing everything right, but still struggling with hormonal symptoms from PCOS or other conditions? The truth is, you might be doing everything you think you should be doing, everything they say on the internet and even everything your doctor told you to do, but it might not be enough.

If you want help finding out how to address the underlying causes of your hormonal symptoms, book a free nutritoin chat to make a plan: 

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