Balance Hormones Naturally

Do You Have a Hormonal Imbalance?

Are you struggling with irregular periods, hormonal breakouts, unexplained weight gain, low energy or infertility issues?

You can boost energy, regulate your period, fight inflammation and banish bloating and other hormonal symptoms simply by adding the right foods, nutrients and supplements to your diet. And I can help by teaching you my intuitive, plant-forward approach, keeping you accountable and setting you up for long-term health, fertility and hormone harmony.

Hi, I’m Jeani, and I’m a fertility, PCOS and hormone specialist! I’m a women’s health dietitian, because you deserve someone on your side.

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Do you struggle with hormonal symptoms?

Do you have unexplained weight gain, irregular periods, bloating, low energy, infertility or other hormonal symptoms that make it hard to know what to eat and how to feel comfortable in your body?

Have you tried all the diets from keto to intermittent fasting, and it doesn’t help?

Did your doctor tell you to go on the pill to regulate your period and just lose some weight to cure your symptoms?

Or worse, did your doctor tell you there’s nothing you can do diet or lifestyle-wise to help with infertility, endometriosis or PCOS?

Do you panic when it comes to eating out or ordering takeout?

I’ve developed a delicious 6 step plant-forward plan to help you balance hormones, feel energetic, get your period back on track and find a healthy weight for your body without dieting.

Have all day energy and avoid cravings and sugar crashes

I’ll teach you to eat carbs the smart way and avoid the sugar spikes and crashes that cause cravings

Balance hormones naturally

I use the power of plant foods and strategic supplements to help you balance hormones, get your period back on track and beat symptoms like facial hair, hair loss and weight gain

Fight inflammation, pain and brain fog

Learn to add in anti-inflammatory plant foods that will help you ease pain, lower cortisol, get rid of brain fog and improve mood

Banish bloating, constipation and diarrhea while losing fat and gaining muscle

Yup, I’ll talk you through how to have better poops through probiotic and prebiotic foods and supplements. Plus, I’ll teach you the real way to find a healthy weight for your body for the long term.

Dine out, get takeout and cook at home with confidence

Learn simple tips and tricks for eating out and at home without losing progress

Eat intuitively and mindfully for long-term, sustainable wellness

Learn to listen to your body’s needs and cues so you never have to diet again

Boost Fertility and Get Pregnant Fast

Learn science-backed ways to get pregnant fast and build the family of your dreams.

What Clients Say:

“I got my period back, and I feel more like myself than I have in a long time”

silhouette photo of person during golden hour

PCOS Client

I just had my first period since end of December 2022. It was a very normal period lasting 5-6 days) and it was such a good feeling and relief. 

silhouette photo of woman

PCOS & Fertility Client

I will not shame you for your size, your diet or your cultural background!