Balance Hormones Naturally

Hi, I’m Jeani, and I’m a Seattle and San Francisco-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, here to help you boost fertility and naturally balance hormones to treat conditions like PCOS and endometriosis through simple and delicious diet and lifestyle changes, so you can optimize your health and thrive!

Treat Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis & Other Hormonal Conditions Naturally

I work with women to help you find the best diets for PCOS, Endometriosis and Infertility and conquer symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, bloating, constipation and irregular periods. If you’re finding that the pill and metformin aren’t enough to treat your hormonal issues, there’s another option! Work with a dietitian to treat your specific symptoms, labs and needs.

This allows us to take a detailed look into your current diet and find the best ways to add in anti-inflammatory foods, help balance blood sugar and improve gut health, so you can enjoy delicious food, get pregnant (if that’s your goal) and build the life and family you want. Want to learn more and make a quick plan to tackle your symptoms? Book a free 15 minute nutrition chat at a convenient time for you:

Discover more about hormone health and nutrition on my blog

Are you plant-based, struggling with hormone balance or just looking to eat healthier? Want inspiration for healthy snacking or tips for stocking your pantry or eating out with PCOS? I have info and tools to help you manage and treat your hormonal imbalances through diet and lifestyle on my blog.

Can you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet and still manage your PCOS symptoms or get pregnant? Absolutely! I have special expertise in all plant-based diets and can help you balance your hormones while following your dietary and cultural preferences.

Book a free 15 minute nutrition chat with me, and we’ll brainstorm ways to treat your hormonal symptoms, while you eat tasty food you love!

What People Say

“I came to (Jeani) with a mess of problems. She simply tackled one at a time with grace. We set up a plan together. A real sustainable plan. We didn’t make drastic changes to my diet all at once. We didn’t cut out all “bad” foods at once. She gave me knowledge and real background of why I should eat ‘xyz’ or shouldn’t eat ‘lmno’. Then we slowly made a change each week. Real changes that are easy to do and made progress toward the goals I wanted. With all these little changes practiced over time I can say I have the best nutrition I have had ever in my life thanks to VeggieLush and the work they have done for me.”

Satisfied Fertility Client

Concierge Nutrition Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Find a nutrition counseling package that works for you!

Want to know if we’d be a good fit? Book a Free Nutrition Chat, where we’ll talk about your goals and how we can meet them.

Fertility Success Package

6 weeks to better fertility

Learn what foods you need to improve fertility, what supplements you should take, what lifestyle changes you need to make and how to do all this in a delicious and fun way!

Take Control of PCOS Package

Take 6 weeks to beat PCOS symptoms

Learn to target your symptoms with specific foods, nutrients and supplements. Get recipes, fitness routines and specific advice targeted at your personal lifestyle.

Hormonal Conditions

Take control of Endometriosis, PMS and Irregular Periods

Take control of hormonal conditions with simple, strategic changes to your diet and lifestyle. Learn the right foods, nutrients, supplements and fitness routine to help you thrive.

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