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Find the Right Fertility Diet for You

When I first started looking into fertility and nutrition, I was shocked to discover that much of infertility (around half) is attributable to diet and lifestyle factors. You may have gotten the message to eat healthy and reduce stress, but you’re still having trouble getting pregnant. Well, that’s because, simply seeing an acupuncturist or cutting out caffeine and losing weight is not enough! Through extensive research and working with women who have infertility over the past few years, I’ve discovered that there are specific nutrients, foods and lifestyle factors that can improve your fertility.

Work with a Fertility Expert

That’s why it’s important to work with a healthcare practitioner who understands the science behind fertility and will help you find the best diet to boost your fertility, so you can build the family you want when you want it! Even if you’re over 35, have PCOS or endometriosis or both, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Sign up for my proven 12 week fertility success package to balance your hormones for maximum long-term fertility through simple and delicious diet and lifestyle changes.

Get Pregnant Naturally

By strategically adding in fertility-friendly foods, finding the right supplements and fitness routine, while limiting your exposure to anti-fertility chemicals, we can maximize your chances of fertility success and natural conception into your late 30s and early 40s.

Optimize Your Fertility Diet for IVF

Already undergoing IVF? No problem, my program will help you optimize your chance of conception in conjunction with other fertility services, too, and possibly save you the need for multiple rounds of expensive (not to mention uncomfortable) fertilization attempts.

Eat Delicious Food & Boost Fertility

Get Pregnant Naturally

How to Boost Fertility Naturally

The good news is you don’t have to cut out gluten, dairy, carbs or any other major food groups! Instead, we take a detailed look into your current diet and find the best ways to add in anti-inflammatory, plant-based and fertility boosting foods in the most delicious way possible!


Fertility Success package

6 weeks to boost fertility

Find out exactly what you need to add to your diet and supplement routine to maximize fertility! We’ll do a detailed nutrition assessment and leave you with an easy to follow nutrition plan with specific nutrients, supplements, meal and snack ideas. Plus, get access to instant messaging and 2 follow up appointments to keep you on track.


1 hr-long Detailed Nutrition Assessment

2 30-min Nutrition Follow-Ups

Access to Instant Messaging, Food and Mood Logging

Accountability check-ins between appointments

Recipes, meal & snack ideas, nutrient & supplement recommendations, tips for eating out and pantry stocking, fitness inspiration and more!


FErtility overhaul

3 months for long-term fertility & wellness

We’ll dig deep into your current food routine, fitness goals, hormonal balance and exposures to ensure you preserve fertility in the long-term! This includes a detailed nutrition assessment, access to instant messaging, plus 1 longer and 4 shorter follow ups to keep you on track, continue to build on progress and cover every aspect of fertility, diet and lifestyle.


1 hr-long Detailed Nutrition Assessment

1 hr-long Detailed check-in and follow-up

4 30-min Accountability & Check-in follow ups

Access to Instant Messaging, food & mood logging

Accountability check-ins between appointments

Recipes, meal & snack ideas, nutrient & supplement recommendations, tips for eating out and pantry stocking, fitness inspiration, info on avoiding exposure to anti-hormone chemicals and more!


Custom Packages

Tailored to your needs

Want support while you’re going through IVF or a one time visit to clean up your nutrition habits? Let’s chat, we can come up with something that fits your lifestyle and budget!

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