Hormone Nutrition Services

Hi, I’m Jeani, and I empower women to improve fertility, get pregnant (even in their late 30s and early 40s) and take control of hormonal conditions like PCOS and Endometriosis, all while finding joy and delight in their food. I will work with you to make small diet and lifestyle changes to significantly improve fertility, PCOS and endometriosis.

Have you struggled with hormonal symptoms like infertility, fatigue, constipation, bloating, weight gain and pain? I will work with you to create a science-based plan to target your specific symptoms, incorporating more anti-inflammatory and plant-based foods into your diet to help you feel strong, fit and healthy. Our visits are all done through HIPAA compliant video chat at your convienience.

In my program, you will learn to:

  • Easily balance blood sugar
  • Manage food portions to fit your needs and conditions
  • Lower inflammation through the foods you eat
  • Identify possible nutrient deficiencies
  • How to naturally recharge yourself through diet and supplements  
  • Incorporate strategic foods & nutrients to help balance hormones
  • Find the best supplements for your symptoms

Want to learn more about how a (mostly) plant-based, anti-inflammatory diet can help you take control of your fertility, PCOS and hormones? Book a FREE nutrition chat here and learn to enjoy your food, accept your body and love every moment!

Take Control Now

Get Pregnant: Fertility

Do you want to know the best diet for getting pregnant, setting yourself up for future fertility (even in your late 30s and early 40s) or maximizing your chance of success with IVF? I help you meet your fertility goals.  Learn more!

Take Control of PCOS

I will teach you the best diet to tackle your specific PCOS symptoms, whether that’s hair loss, weight gain, skin problems, fatigue, infertility or bloating and discomfort. Learn how food and lifestyle changes can help! Learn more!

Hormone Health Nutrition

I work with women who have hormonal conditions like PMS, Endometriosis and difficult menopause to help you take control of symptoms and feel strong and healthy. Learn more!

My plans don’t include restrictive diets! Instead, we talk about all the tasty new foods you can incorporate into your diet to help you meet your health goals, whether that’s getting pregnant fast, gaining energy or managing hormonal conditions like PCOS or endometriosis. I also have a ton of practical and clinical knowledge when it comes to plant-based diets. My prices range from $149 for a single assessment session with a customized protocol to $599+ for custom 3 +month package.

6 Week Plan

We delve into your current eating habits, lifestyle choices and fitness routine and find ways to incorporate smart, strategic foods, nutrients and habits that will help you meet your hormone health goals.

3 Month Plan

In addition to a deep dive into nutrition and lifestyle habits, we hold you accountable long-term and add on awareness of environmental factors in your hormone health.

Custom Plans

I can customize a personal plan for your needs, whether you want to tackle PCOS symptoms, gain energy, support hormone health, get pregnant or take control of endometriosis!

What You Learn When You Work with Me:

  • Understand what foods and nutrients will help you take control of your symptoms and feel better
  • Learn about healthy snacks and treats that are delicious and will keep you on track for symptom and weight management
  • How to incorporate more plant-based, anti-inflammatory meals and foods into your diet to help you stay fit, avoid chronic disease, extend fertility and mitigate symptoms
  • Long-term strategies for intuitive and mindful eating that will help you stay healthy for a lifetime
  • Find the best supplements for your individual symptoms and health goals 
  • Find a fitness routine you love that will sustain you and help you stay fit, healthy and happy long-term
  • How to balance meals and dishes to balance blood sugar throughout the day 
  • Specific foods that will help balance hormones to lessen the effects of PCOS, endometriosis and other hormonal conditions
  • Strategies for incorporating the best nutrients, foods and snacks for PCOS and hormonal imbalance into your diet 
  • Environmental exposures that may be affecting your hormones and how to avoid them
  • Strategies for eating out, traveling and grocery shopping, while staying smart and healthy

What You Get when You Buy a Package:

  • 3-6 sessions video chat sessions, including a full assessment of your current diet and lifestyle with an individualized plan 
  • Accountability – I will check in with you weekly to make sure you’re hitting your goals and using the strategies we discussed
  • Access to last minute messaging – ability to message me at any time on Practice Better and get an answer on your health and nutrition questions within 24 hrs any time
  • Access to food logging, journaling, fitness logging and more through Practice Better with the option to get my input
  • Personalized recipes using my simple and easy to use Plan to Eat database 
  • Personalized meal planning or meal package recommendations based on your needs and preferences 
  • Specific ideas for meals and snacks that will help you meet your health goals 
  • Individualized recommendations for supplements you need to treat symptoms and feel amazing 

Book a Free 15 Minute Nutrition Chat to See if We’re the Right fit:

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I work with a few select brands on marketing, copywriting and social media management. If you’re interested in working with me, please email me at VeggieLushRD@gmail.com or book a 15 minute chat above, so we can talk about your project or brand.

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