Top Tips for Eating at Restaurants with PCOS

eating out with PCOS

The Stress of Eating Out with PCOS

Updated: June 2023

A lot of my PCOS clients love to enjoy a night out on the town! BUT, then, comes the panic – will I be able to manage my PCOS and continue my progress while I eat out? Good news – you totally can continue PCOS treatment and avoid the worst foods for PCOS, and you can enjoy eating out while you do it! Forget lame advice like skipping dessert or getting salad dressing on the side. Instead try these tips and let me know what you think!

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Simple Tips for Eating Out with PCOS

Avoid redundant carbs – This means, avoid things like getting bread, bruscetta, pasta and a sweet dessert in one meal. Instead, swap some of those dishes out for more protein and vegetable forward dishes like grilled fish, salads, veggie sides or a meat course. 

Request extra veggies – A lot of times curries, soups, ramen and other foods come with just a few little floating veggies – who wants that? Ask for extra. They may charge you a buck. I say no big deal for your health!

Add tofu, salmon or tuna – Add to salads, sandwiches, pasta and other dishes. This will add protein and fat to whatever you’re eating to slow the digestion and add delicious flavor.

Add avocado – Any chance to get that healthy fat in! Get it on your taco, burrito, salad, sandwich or just on the side.

Consider sipping red wine – It’s full of anti-oxidants and part of the Mediterranean diet, known for being anti-inflammatory and good for managing blood sugar.

Alternate alcohol with water or bubbly water – this one is just good common sense – you’ll thank me in the am.

Specific Takeout and Cuisines You can Eat with PCOS

Teriyaki or Thai Food – If you get a noodle dish, avoid getting rice. Consider protein and vegetable based dishes like tofu or chicken curry with brown rice, any vegetable-based stir fry type dish, soups like Thom Ka and Tom Yum, spring rolls and more.

Bahn Mi – Try the tofu bahn mi to get in that soy protein. Plus, pick either a sandwich or rice noodles, not both. Get extra picked veggies. 

Indian Food – Be mindful of the portions of rice you’re eating along with all the good flavorful dishes. Consider getting whole grain roti instead of naan and/or brown rice instead of white.

Burger Places – Add whatever veggies you like on your burger, consider swapping bun out or not eating the entire bun. Get salad with your fries. Avoid sugary beverages.

Italian Food – Don’t neglect the appetizers – consider ordering some seasonal veggies or burrata with veggies instead of something carb heavy, then focus your carbs on fresh pasta. Also, take a peak at the fish dishes (Italians know how to make some tasty fish).

Oh yah, don’t forget to have fun and not worry too hard about any of these rules!

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