Top Snacks for PCOS

What are the most PCOS-friendly snacks? Snacks are super important when you have PCOS, since you don’t want to skip any meals or get to the point where you’re starving and want to put all the refined carbs in your face (I’ve been there). Here are some ideas that are both PCOS and fertility-friendly:

  1. Trail mix – this easy go-to snack combines fertility-friendly nuts and fruit and has the protein you need to keep blood sugar in check.
  2. Loaded Toast or Smorbrod – OK, so I was trying to think of a snack with fish, since it’s so good for fertility, and I thought of Danish Smorbrod, which is a toast that usually has some kind of fish and cream cheese and pickles on whole grain rye bread (it’s actually pretty tasty). If you’re plant based, sub in avocado and walnuts or walnut oil or even seaweed. Nut based cheeses also work.
  3. Smoothies – It’s so easy to pack in a bunch of PCOS power nutrients to a smoothie like anti-inflammatory fruits and veg, protein powder, flax meal, cinnamon, etc.
  4. Yogurt (either dairy or plant-based) – This is also an easy way to get in some fertility-friendly nutrients along with beneficial probiotics, add in fruits, nuts, seeds, cinnamon for blood sugar balance, ginger for its added anti-inflammatory effects and voila! You have a PCOS super snack.
  5. Bean based snacks – beans just seem to pop up in all the best dietary patterns for fertility. They’re packed with fiber and plant protein and are sure to fuel you all day long. Try roasted chickpeas, edamame or hummus and whole grain crackers. I also like to make white bean and olive oil dip.
  6. Veggies РThe humble crudit̩ platter can often be overlooked, but sometimes fresh veggies and dip just hits the spot. Plus, you get the fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients you need to conquer PCOS symptoms!
  7. Fruit and nut butter or cheese – We know that higher fruit intake is associated with better fertility, plus it’s tasty! Try to get in a variety for a variety of types of antioxidants and add in some protein like peanut butter, almond butter, goat cheese or nut cheese to help it keep you full longer and keep blood sugar in check.
  8. Whole grain crackers loaded with protein – be sure your cracker is whole grain (I like Wasa brand, but there are a bunch out there), load with your favorite cheese or vegan cheese, tuna or tofurkey and top with a pickle. I swear it works!

What are your favorite go-to PCOS-friendly snacks? Let me know in the comments.

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