How to Add Soy Into Your Diet for Hormone Balance

Now that we’ve covered all of the reasons to eat soy protein on social media this week – you may be wondering, how do I get that in my belly? Here are some ideas for incorporating nutritious soy foods into your diet! Need a more personalized approach? Book a session with me and we can put together a plan for including soy and other nutrient dense foods into your eating routine! 

  1. Tofu, tofu, tofu! OK, I seriously love tofu. It was probably the first plant protein I truly fell in love with, and I still sometimes make it the way I was first shown by a friend of mine in high school! Sautee plain or baked tofu with some tamari and amino acids like coconut aminos or Braggs. Add in garlic powder, paprika and nutritional yeast to taste and cook until browned. Tada – delicious! 
  2. Tempeh – I didn’t think I liked tempeh until I tried a frozen version, in this case – Rhizocali, but there are other high quality brands out there. You can bake it, saute it or steam it. This more whole foods based approach is a great way to get in a little soy. Tempeh bacon is its own thing and can be used in a TLT for a tasty lunch! 
  3. Soy Milk – higher protein than a lot of plan milks, this classic makes a mean latte and can also go over granola, in oatmeal and can be the base of hot cocoa! 
  4. Silken Tofu – My favorite applications of silken tofu are actually sweet, rather than savory. Use it as a base for chocolate mousse or in a smoothie or parfait! 
  5. Veggie Burgers & Other Meat Analogues – I don’t always recommend a ton of meat substitute, because some can be highly processed, but this is where you come in! Take a peek at the ingredients – if they’re mostly whole foods, then you’re a okay, and they often are high in soy protein! 

Got another idea? Share it below in the comments. 

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