How to Take Control of Your Diet

Wondering how to take control of your diet? And by diet, I don’t mean some fad diet, I just mean the way you eat. A lot of my clients are unsure of the basics – how to balance a meal, what to snack on. Here are my top tips for taking control of your diet and meeting your health goals.

  1. Record a three-day food diary – I’m generally not a huge fan of counting calories or detailed food records, but I think it’s worth it to do this once and include one weekend day, because we generally have different habits on the weekend.
  2. Understand your macronutrients – what is a protein, a carbohydrate, a fat and fiber? What foods fit in these categories? Getting to know this begins to unlock the mystery behind the foods you eat and how they affect your health.
  3. Learn what a balanced plate looks like – I’ve said it many times, but get to know what a quarter protein, a quarter carbohydrate and half veggies looks like in all forms is so important for building healthy eating habits. If you can make a bowl or a salad or a traditional dinner plate that matches this, you’re on your way.
  4. Learn to read labels – understanding what a serving size is and how it relates to the nutrients on a label helps you choose smartly at the supermarket. Plus, you can apply your macronutrient knowledge here and start to understand micronutrients.
  5. Set out your goals – what are your dietary goals? Is it to feel better, live longer? Do you want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet? Do you want to tackle symptoms or prolong fertility? If you have a goal, you can start to work toward it.
  6. See a dietitian – Once you have a goal in mind, it’s a great time to see a dietitian. We have all the knowledge and skills to help you meet those goals through better nutrition and lifestyle changes!

What are your diet goals? Do you want to eat more plant-based foods to feel better, lose weight and enjoy your food while you’re at it? If so, feel free to book a session with me here or if you’re not sure book a free 15 minute nutrition chat to talk about your goals and whether we should work together.

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