Can You Eat Fast Food with PCOS?

I often get asked whether you can enjoy fast food or takeout with PCOS. The answer is YES! Does this mean you can eat MacDonald’s every day and manage PCOS? Probably not, but there is room for balance, fun and convenience with these tips:

Tips for Eating Fast Food with PCOS

Include protein

Look for a protein, a veggie and a carb in meals when you have PCOS. This can be a burrito with beans (protein), tortilla (carb) and some grilled veggies, salsa, guac, etc. (veggies). It can be a burger with a small side salad. It can be an Indian curry with veggies and chicken over rice.

Ask for veggies

Folks with PCOS need veggies for the fiber and the antioxidants. One thing fast food and takeout are often missing is veggies – you can ask for extra veggies in curry or pho, on a sandwich or go for a side salad. Getting some fiber in with these rich foods is always a good idea.

Order multiple dishes to find balance

If you’re eating food where one dish is meat, one is veggie and others are carb – resolve to share or eat multiple meals and get a veggie dish, a meat or protein dish and a carb dish. You’ll avoid spiking blood sugar by eating just carbs.

Look for places that have whole grain options

Whole grains are great for PCOS! Some takeout places have the option to order with brown rice or whole grain breads (think roti or paratha at Indian restaurants) – try to order one dish with brown rice and then mix brown and white rice.

Get other add ons to increase nutrition

If you’re feeling like the dish is unbalanced, customize it with add ons. You can often add avocado, protein like fish or chicken or tofu or grilled veggies to dishes at takeout places.

Normalize “forbidden” foods

Giving any one food too much power over you will ultimately end in unhappiness, whether you hate depriving yourself of that food or feel awful after eating it. Instead, if you allow yourself to have fast food in moderation and make sure you’re getting all the stuff you need to manage PCOS on a daily basis.

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