Hormone Holiday Survival Guide

How do you enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your hormonal health? You can enjoy seasonal treats, the company of friends and family and festive activities without backsliding when it comes to managing your PCOS, endo or other hormonal issues. Just follow these simple tips and have fun!

Don’t forget your protein! So many holiday treats and foods are mostly carbohydrate. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy them, but I am saying don’t forget about eating protein too! This will keep you full and satisfied and help you avoid spiking blood sugar. This is especially important if you have insulin resistant PCOS.

2. Don’t forget the seasonal produce – winter fruit and veggies can be so delicious and help you stay healthy, boost your immune system and help you stay regular during the holidays

Winter squash like butternut and kabocha also have lots of fiber and vitamin C, plus important minerals like potassium and magnesium, important for overall health.

Powerhouse leafy green veggies are also in season this time of year – not only do they do great with squash or roasted with a variety of veggies, they are chock full of nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin K, A and more life-saving antioxidants.

That’s not to mention all the tasty root veggies you can get like beets, parsnips and celery root that are excellent for roasting and adding to stews and bowls for added vitamins and fiber.

3. If you’re trying to conceive or planning to in the near future, continue to add in fertility-friendly nutrients throughout December. Yup, keep it up with your healthy fats, whole grains, omega 3s and other fertility nutrients. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy party foods, just continue to incorporate these foods into everyday meals.

4. Continue your physical activity routine – yup even during the holidays. This can help you manage blood sugar and stay sane during the buys holiday season.

5. Keep limiting things like fast food and highly processed foods – enjoy the rich, delicious holiday foods, but if all the hustle and bustle has you going to the drive through every night, think about cutting down and finding some less processed convenience foods (hello Trader Joe’s frozen meals).

6. Continue to take time for self care – yup, even though you’re thinking of everyone else and getting gifts and hosting parties, a little meditation, a hot bath with a glass of wine or a walk to clear your head are equally important! They can also help keep you from flying off the rails with stress hormones.

7. Get Your Magnesium – I love Magnesium for a bunch of reasons – it’s been shown in studies to help relieve some symptoms of PMS, it’s nerve and muscle calming and can help with sleep – all things that become important during the holiday season. Oh, and it can help with constipation. My fave is naturalvitalityofficial Calm magnesium powder just before bed to help you chill out after holiday festivities.

8. Get your Omega 3s – Important for inflammation, brain health, heart health and hormone health (including fertility), omega 3s are plentiful in seafood. If you don’t eat fish, no worries! Get yourself an algae-based omega 3 that has DHA and EPA (the most functional forms in your body). That way you can keep up your fertility and sanity during the holiday season.

9. Get your Vitamin C – If you eat lots of fruits and veggies you’re probably covered for this one, but if not, consider getting it in a good multivitamin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant important for immune health and essential to making collagen in the body.

10. Get that Vitamin D – Most of us aren’t getting enough from sunshine and diet, and that becomes even more true during the winter months. Vitamin D is important for hormone health and fertility, mental health, bone health and the immune system! That’s a lot of functions. Be sure to get a supplement this time of year.

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