Employee Wellness Services

At VeggieLush Nutrition we create employee wellness programs, tailored to your needs, budget & goals

Wellness Talks

Do your employees want to learn more about simple ways to stay healthy, boost immune response, be fit and improve quality of life? We offer targeted talks on topics like food for energy, immune boosting foods, food for better sleep and mood and more!

Nutrition Counseling

Looking for a way to boost employee health and add a benefit that will last them a lifetime? Help them learn to eat healthfully to prevent chronic disease, stay healthy and feel great.

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Wellness Newsletters & Handouts

Want easy to understand, science-backed info on health, nutrition and wellness sent directly to your employees inboxes? Have us write a custom newsletter to help your employees stay on track.

Jeani’s knowledgeable and attentive method toward nutritional counseling is not only effective, but supportive as well. I’m pleased with the lasting changes she has helped me make, both in my health and in the confidence I now have in maintaining it.

— Faye, former client

Jeani is not only knowledgeable, she is compassionate. In a field saturated with opinions, Jeani tirelessly explores and keeps up with scientific research. She’s informative without being preachy. Something I love the most about her coaching is her ability to make me feel at ease about allowing foods into my diet that bring me joy. Jeani focuses on healing from within, whether it’s diet or mental/emotional health. She’s a treasure in the RDN network!

— Ana, former client