Let’s Balance Hormones Naturally

Treat Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis & Other Hormonal Conditions Naturally

We’ll take a detailed look into your current diet and find the best ways to add in anti-inflammatory foods, help balance blood sugar and improve gut health, so you can enjoy delicious food, get pregnant (if that’s your goal) and build the life and family you want. I can help by giving you the tools and info you need, keeping you accountable and setting you up for long-term health, fertility and hormone harmony.

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Eat Your Favorite Foods & Manage PCOS

Can you eat your favorite foods and still manage your PCOS symptoms or get pregnant? Absolutely! I have special expertise in a variety of diets (including plant-based and a variety of cultures) and can help you balance your hormones while following your dietary and cultural preferences.

Book a free 15 minute nutrition chat with me, and we’ll brainstorm ways to treat your hormonal symptoms, while you eat tasty food you love!

What Clients Say

Jeani is such a thoughtful, helpful dietician. I love that she is so committed to using science-based information, so you know that her advice is really grounded in reality. There is so much misinformation out there about nutrition, and Jeani finds a way to cut through all that while being fun and motivating. She specializes in PCOS, fertility, and other women’s health issues, which is awesome. Highly recommend her practice!

Julia H.

Jeani is amazing at what she does. She’s thoughtful and takes time to understand her clients. And, she’s real…I feel like I can share things with her about my body or bad habits without feeling judged. Thank you Jeani for the great session!

Katie H.

Find the PCOS Diet that Works for You

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