Take Control of PCOS Group Program

Relieve Symptoms, Regulate Your Period, Get Your Energy Back

Learn to Take Control of Your PCOS

Take control of your PCOS for the long-term – that means managing symptoms, regulating your period and feeling energetic all day long! If you have PCOS and want to naturally balance your hormones in a supportive group setting, I’ve developed a special monthly group program just for you.

By the end, you’ll be able to manage your symptoms, improve your cycle and feel more energetic while enjoying your food!

We’ll be launching our first monthly group webinar on Nov. 14, 2022 at 5:30 PM PST! It will be recorded if you can’t make it in person.

Current and former clients get 1 month FREE in exchange for feedback.

1 month with the online course, weekly check-ins and challenges, group chat and support for FREE. Just use code CLIENT when paying.

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly Mini Modules, personal check-ins and a food challenges
  • Access to last minute messaging to ask any questions or get any advice you need within 24 hrs.
  • Access to food and fullness log to track meals, hunger and fullness cues and get feedback
  • Exclusive group chat monitored by a Registered Dietitian
  • (Optional) Monthly 30 min Personal Nutrition Counseling Session

Plus, Monthly Group Webinars on these topics:

Month 1: Carbs & PCOS: how to prevent carb cravings and sugar crashes

Month 2: How to balance hormones naturally to improve PCOS symptoms

Month 3: How to fight pain and inflammation through food

Month 4: How to get your gut healthy and regular to support hormone health

Month 5: Setting up your life, home, travel and eating out for success

Month 6: Intuitive eating and long-term PCOS management

For only $149 per month ($249 with one-on-one)

If you want to learn more, book a free nutrition chat! If you’re ready sign up, just click the button below:

Did your doctor tell you to just lose weight and go on the pill?

What if I told you there is a much, much better way to treat PCOS, regulate your period and conquer your symptoms, and it just involves simple diet and lifestyle changes?

Join my Monthly Group Program & Online Course:

Month 1: Learn to Manage Blood Sugar to Avoid Cravings and Sugar Crashes

PCOS increases insulin resistance, which can cause chronically high blood sugar. Learn to balance meals and favor low glycemic index foods, so you can keep blood sugar even all day and avoid cravings and excess weight gain.

Month 2: Find out how to Fight Inflammation and Pain

PCOS can be highly inflammatory. Learn to add in foods that will reduce inflammation over time to help you avoid chronic diseases and reduce period pain.

Month 3: Improve your Gut Health for Regularity and Well-being

We’re learning more and more about how our gut health is related to overall health. Learn to maintain a diverse microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics to treat stomach and intestinal symptoms like diarrhea, constipation and bloating.

Month 4: You can Balance Hormones Naturally

PCOS causes a hormone imbalance, where you have extra male hormones. Learn to use phytoestrogens and high fiber foods to help nudge your hormones in the right direction and help with symptoms like unwanted hair growth.

Month 5: Learn to Set Up Your Home & Your Life for Success

Learn to stock your pantry, eat out and travel while staying on track. Even if you have a busy life, work many hours or have kids to take care of, you can set yourself up to stay healthy without a ton of effort and time.

Month 6: Discover how to Practice Intuitive & Mindful Eating for the Rest of Your Life

Finally, once you know all that, you can learn to practice intuitive and mindful eating by ditching diet culture and learning to listen to your body.

Eat Delicious Food & Thrive with PCOS

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