PCOS Nutrition Services

Have You Tried Everything to Treat Your PCOS?

Have you tried every PCOS diet from Keto to Intermittent Fasting and still struggle with unexplained weight gain, missing periods, hair loss, facial hair, bloating and constipation? That’s not to mention the low energy, cravings and sugar crashes.

Do you panic when it comes to cooking, eating out and setting up your pantry, so you can get your symptoms under control?

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

It took you forever to get diagnosed with PCOS. Then you get told to go on the pill and metformin and lose 10 lbs? This doesn’t actually help you get at the underlying causes of your symptoms and improve your health or fertility.

I teach you to treat the underlying causes of your PCOS symptoms, so you can curb cravings, build a healthy gut, regulate your period and find a healthy weight for your body. We do this through an intuitive, plant-forward approach that is science-backed and easy to follow for the rest of your life.

Do you want more regular and less painful periods, clearer skin, better hair, more energy and to find a healthy weight for your body without dieting? I’ve developed a simple 6 step plant-forward plan to help you meet these goals. 

In this Program You Will Learn to:

⇓ Boost energy, curb cravings and avoid sugar crashes

Learn to eat carbs the smart way to satisfy your cravings and conquer insulin resistance

⇓ Fight pain and inflammation through diet

PCOS increases inflammation, which leads to symptoms like painful periods and outbreaks. Learn to fight inflammation by including anti-inflammatory foods and patterns daily.

⇓ Balance hormones and regulate your period naturally

You’ll learn how phytoestrogens, certain supplements and hormone supporting foods can help you balance your hormones naturally and get your period back on track.

⇓ Banish bloating and constipation with a healthy gut

Folks with PCOS have different gut microbiomes – the good news is you can improve gut health by using pre and probiotic foods to

⇓ Eat intuitively and build a better relationship with food for long-term wellness

Learn to listen to your body’s own hunger and fullness cues, then ditch diet culture forever

⇓ Stay healthy and manage PCOS while eating out, getting takeout and traveling

Learn to live the life you want, eat takeout, dine out and travel without sacrificing progress

⇓ Boost fertility and chances of getting pregnant (optional)

PCOS can mess with your fertility, but the good news is there are foods and dietary patterns we know help boost fertility. Learn how to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Work with me one-on-one to treat your PCOS or in a supportive group setting

Take control of PCOS through diet and lifestyle

Plant Powered PCOS Group Program

Work with me in a supportive group setting, so you can learn all the key steps to taking control of PCOS and tackling your symptoms while connecting with other folks with PCOS.

A Group Program May be Right for You if:

Your’re looking for community support

You want to connect with others with PCOS

You want to get in depth on what is causing your symptoms

You want to learn in a supportive environment about all the techniques you can use to address the underlying causes of your PCOS

One-on-One PCOS Counseling

We’ll work together to create an individualized plan, based on your life, your busy schedule, your dietary preferences and your symptoms.

Working One-on-one may be right for you if:

You have unique needs or additional health conditions

You prefer to work with only one individual and don’t feel comfortable in a group setting

You want unique, individualized protocols tailored to your tastes and preferences

You have a higher budget for healthcare

What’s included in the Plant Powered PCOS Group & Individual programs:

  • 6 One-on-One or Group Sessions: covering the 6 steps to healing your PCOS symptoms outlined above
  • Last Minute Messaging & Q&A: Get answers to your questions or any advice you need within 24 hrs M-Th
  • Food & Fullness Journaling with Expert Feedback: track meals, hunger and fullness cues and get useful, actionable feedback
  • Exclusive Group Chat: touch base, get advice and tips from other cysters with the help of a registered dietitian and hormone health expert
  • Support & Accountability: Get support from me and other folks with PCOS through weekly messaging and challenges

What Clients Say

Jeani is such a thoughtful, helpful dietitian. I love that she is so committed to using science-based information, so you know that her advice is really grounded in reality. There is so much misinformation out there about nutrition, and Jeani finds a way to cut through all that while being fun and motivating. She specializes in PCOS, fertility, and other women’s health issues, which is awesome. Highly recommend her practice!

Julia H.

Jeani is amazing at what she does. She’s thoughtful and takes time to understand her clients. And, she’s real…I feel like I can share things with her about my body or bad habits without feeling judged. Thank you Jeani for the great session!

Katie H.

Pricing is dependent on whether you choose a group program or individual package.