PCOS Nutrition Services

Take Control of Your PCOS

Do you want more regular and less painful periods, clearer skin, better hair, more energy and to find a healthy weight for your body without dieting? I’ve developed a simple 6 step plant-forward food plan to help you meet these goals.

Learn to prevent carb cravings and sugar crashes, balance hormones, fight pain and inflammation and get your gut healthy and regular while enjoying your food!

I can help by giving you the tools and info you need, keeping you accountable and setting you up for long-term health, fertility and hormone balance.

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Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

It took you forever to get diagnosed with PCOS. Then you get told to go on the pill and metformin and lose 10 lbs? This doesn’t actually help you get at the underlying cause and improve your health and fertility. With my program, you can curb cravings, build a healthy gut, improve fertility and find a healthy weight for your body through simple science-backed diet and lifestyle changes.

What if I told you there is a much, much better way to treat PCOS, regulate your period and conquer your symptoms, and it just involves simple diet and lifestyle changes?

Take control of PCOS through diet and lifestyle

Work With A PCOS Expert

There is no one diet that will cure your PCOS, which is why it’s so important to work with a dietitian to find the foods you need to eat to help manage your PCOS and take control of your symptoms. We can do this in a way that works with your cultural background, dietary preferences and favorite foods!

I’ll walk through the best meals for your taste, the best techniques for eating out, the items you want in your fridge and pantry and how to eat intuitively to keep your symptoms in check for the rest of your life.

If that sounds good to you, book a free nutrition chat and we’ll put together a plan to tackle your symptoms and help you enjoy your food, accept your body and love every moment!

In my program you will learn to:

  • Curb cravings and avoid sugar crashes
  • Fight pain and inflammation through diet
  • Balance hormones and regulate your period naturally
  • Build a healthy gut
  • Eat intuitively for long-term health and wellness
  • Stay healthy while on vacation and eating out
  • Boost fertility and chances of getting pregnant

What Clients Say

Jeani is such a thoughtful, helpful dietitian. I love that she is so committed to using science-based information, so you know that her advice is really grounded in reality. There is so much misinformation out there about nutrition, and Jeani finds a way to cut through all that while being fun and motivating. She specializes in PCOS, fertility, and other women’s health issues, which is awesome. Highly recommend her practice!

Julia H.

Jeani is amazing at what she does. She’s thoughtful and takes time to understand her clients. And, she’s real…I feel like I can share things with her about my body or bad habits without feeling judged. Thank you Jeani for the great session!

Katie H.

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