Professional Nutrition Counseling, consulting and marketing

VeggieLush Nutrition is a Seattle-based nutrition business here to help you ditch fad diets and start living the lush way. What does that mean? Learning to love food with a serious side of joie de vivre, helping you meet your health and fitness goals through small, achievable changes that will make you feel amazing and addressing any underlying health issues through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I specialize in women’s health nutrition, plant-based nutrition and nutrition for chronic disease.

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Professional nutrition services and medical nutrition therapy – Whether you are looking to find a sustainable food and fitness routine that can last you a lifetime or address a specific issue related to health, I can work with you to create goals and a plan that will work for you. I have particular expertise in women’s health nutrition, nutrition for fertility for both men and women, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. I can also work with a variety of chronic diseases, IBS/IBD, type II Diabetes, transitioning to a plant-based eating plan, weight management and more. I offer services virtually through video and phone chat (I currently do not offer in-person consultations or take insurance, but both are in the works). 

Article Writing – I have a background in marketing and public relations. I love writing, and I love talking about food even more. If you need a blog post or social media post about food, nutrition or health and wellness, contact me at!

Nutrition Consulting – Have a business or a start-up that needs the expertise of a registered dietitian, recipe development or nutrition analyses? I’m available on a contract basis for these and other professional services.

Wellness Talks – Dispelling diet myths, healthy snack ideas, the real deal on sugar – I am a compelling and confident speaker with experience talking to varied groups from school kids to college students to high power business owners, and I can design a talk that fits your needs.

Pantry Makeovers – Need to build the foundation for a healthy and delicious life? It all starts in the pantry. I’ll help you put together an array of tasty staples, ready to make into amazing meals.

Market Tours – Hate grocery shopping? Do you peruse the isles feeling helpless and unable to make decisions? I’ll take you through and help you focus on the best bites for your bucks.

For all services other than nutrition counseling, contact us below or email

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