The VeggieLush Nutrition Plan

Hi, I’m Jeani, the owner and sole proprietor of VeggieLush Nutrition! I’m here to help you meet your health goals, eat more plant-based foods, delay pregnancy into your late 30s or early 40s and take control of chronic disease symptoms, all while finding joy and delight in your food.

I use intuitive eating techniques, motivational interviewing and the latest scientific research to help you tackle health issues uniquely related to women’s health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. The best part is, I require that you enjoy your food while you do it. That means I tailor my recommendations and nutrition plans to your needs and preferences and provide inspiration through recipes, articles and other interactive resources that help get you on your way to feeling healthy, fit and joyful.

This blog is a great resource if you’re looking for info on women’s health nutrition, nutrition for fertility, plant-based eating or general healthy eating tips! I’m often inspired by my clients’ specific needs and desires to write posts that will benefit everyone, so follow along, and join me on social media for daily nutrition tips and inspiration.

If you’re looking for something a little more personalized, feel free to book a free 15 minute nutrition chat or full nutrition assessment complete with a nutrition plan tailored to your needs and preferences to help you meet your unique health goals on my Practice Better Page.

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